The benefits of EQR

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EQR is a non profit making scheme which currently charges its members £3,200 per year to maintain membership. In return colleges receive the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to enter into a professional collaborative relationship with some of the best sixth form and general further education colleges in the south of England.
  • The opportunity to share good practice at departmental and whole college level.
  • Access to specially selected and well trained colleagues in an extensive range of curriculum and cross college areas who are willing to share their experience and expertise freely. 
  • The services of a scheme manager who arranges reviews and ensures the smooth running of the scheme
  • Access to experienced and well qualified external advisers who support each review and oversee the production of the written report.
  • Access to a regular programme of high quality training in classroom observation, giving feedback and data analysis.
  • Access to the members’ area of the EQR website.

What our members say - some comments taken from 2017-18 evaluation forms



  • This was a highly professional and extremely effective review. The reviewers acted entirely in line with the principles of EQR and the teams here welcomed their collaborative approach. The final report was entirely recognisable and had a good balance of strengths and areas for improvement, with some useful suggestions in the appendix.
  • The reviewer gave us valuable insights in to our practice – both strengths and areas for improvement – and gave us ideas about what we could usefully investigate further ourselves. We liked how he was able to indicate how much evidence he had to support his findings and, for example with the student forum, where he was unable to follow up on comments made there, he suggested that at the college we could take this further – and we surely will. He answered our various questions fully, frankly and helpfully. He clearly knew what he was doing and talking about and we learnt a lot from him (and the adviser – whose voice of experience on the second day was greatly appreciated). This was EQR at its best; thank you everyone involved for a very useful exercise!
  • The feedback was extremely detailed and provided clear and focused responses to the key questions set. We were impressed by the highly professional way in which the reviewer conducted both the review and the feedback sessions to staff, the department and senior staff and would like to thank her again for her hard work, support and professionalism.


  • The review activities allowed us to get a real grasp of the college their issues, or otherwise, and to work together as a team to propose some changes that, if taken forward, should support the college in driving up results. All practical arrangements were excellent and the support from the external adviser similarly of a very high quality (supportive, insightful and helped us to formulate a considered report).
  • It was another really helpful developmental experience; fantastic way to understand the wider context of our sector. Brilliant scheme which is so well administered and looked after – thank you for all your time and effort!
  • This is a fantastic process to be able to be a part of. I thoroughly enjoyed the EQR, as I did last time, and see it as an excellent opportunity for self- and departmental- development on all sides. Gaining individual feedback from the adviser is also a useful part of the process.